Where do I start?

You send us a note from our contact page, and we set up a call. Our offerings are tailored to your specific needs.

Or you read our zine – new content weekly – lots of info. You can learn a lot without spending a dime.

What does the becurrent process look like?

No such thing as one size fits all in productivity, but on average we find most people fall somewhere in this range:

Week 1: we audit your current systems

Week 2: we implement becurrent

Week 3: we monitor closely

Week 4: we set up weekly hangs to accompany the transformation

Can I use the becurrent system to transform my team and/or my company?

Absolutely. Send us a note through our contact page. Happy to chat about where you are, and what you are attempting to accomplish.

Can I use the becurrent system to master my personal life?

Yes, yes, and yes. Lots of people do.

Do we meet in person?

We don’t need to [it works really well on zoom] but we can, if you prefer [covid compliant].

Can I talk to someone to assess if becurrent is a good fit?

Absolutely. Send us a note through the contact page.

I'm really busy right now, is this going to take a lot of time?

This is a little like asking how long it will take to get in shape. It depends on many factors. The shape you are in currently, how often you get yourself to the gym, your age and metabolism…you get the idea.

Same with becurrent.

We would be lying to say you’ll go from 0 to 60 productivity-wise, without ever having done anything about it.

We’ve seen people up and at it in a couple of weeks, and we’ve seen people need a couple of months to feel really solid.

Can you teach my assistant, they’re the one who organizes everything?

We can.

We find that the success of the system rises by 45% if you’re involved directly.

Again, it would be like sending your assistant to the gym hoping you get great abs.

Once you’re solid, we can involve the people who support you – in addition to you, not instead of you.

I have tried a lot of productivity systems, none of them stuck, how is becurrent different?

We can tell you it’s better, and we think it is. But whatever habits you have somewhere else, you’re going to bring here.

A bit like diets, the mindset you bring to the plate is crucial.

We accompany you weekly until your new habits are formed.

[Different than reading a book or going to a class – think trainer at the gym versus going solo.]

We do what we can to support you, but you need to bring wood to the party, if you want a vibrant fire in the fireplace of your life.

How much does becurrent cost?

It depends on what you need.

Is it only for you?

Is it for your team, and if so, how big is your team?

Is it for the entire company?

Drop us a line on the contact page and we can discuss a budget for your specific needs.

Does becurrent offer discounts for non-profits and schools?

We absolutely do.

Drop us a line, we have many ways to support you.

We would love to make this great technology available to those doing good work in the world.