becurrent is a simple, proven, step-by-step process that moves you from point a to point b, towards all the things that matter to you.


becurrent is a simple, proven, step-by-step process that moves you from point a to point b, towards all the things that matter to you.



bobby: what is this becurrent thing?

lisait’s a guided approach to the way you organize your tasks and projects, so you can soar and create the extraordinary life you want.

jane: ah, like a time management type thing?

lisa: more like a self-management thing. we all have the same amount of hours in a day. how clear we are on our purpose, how we keep our focus, and how we treat ourselves in the process is what makes all the difference.

jane: that makes sense.



humans have been obsessed with time passing forever.

at becurrent we’re not just obsessed with time passing, but it passing meaningfully.

we want people to go to bed with certainty that they spent their time well that day.

because days well spent add up to a life well spent.

becurrent may look like just another productivity tool,
but don’t be fooled. it’s not.

it’s a path to get you to where you want to go.

it lights us up to think that if your 12 year-old self met your 93 year-old self, he’d be able to look him in the eye and say: “yes, i like how you spent our time. you did well.”

becurrent is for …


… if your brain keeps churning at the end of the day.

… if you need a robust system for your company to grow.

… if it’s difficult making time for your own priorities.

… if you struggle keeping commitments [to yourself and others]. 

… if you feel like there is more to life and now is your time.



I am soph. I have been committed to [obsessed with?] with improving lives – mine, and those I’ve been coaching for years.

I’ve been privileged to witness the transformation that happens when personal productivity encounters team efficiency.

similar to an orchestra or sports team, in business and life, each individual must become a ninja for the whole to perform at its peak.  

I created becurrent to facilitate just that.

with my skills and experiences in psychology, coaching, business, parenting, and shitloads of common sense, the becurrent methodology was created and refined over the last three decades into a philosophy that changes people’s lives – and the teams they play in. 

I’m over the moon to introduce you to becurrent.

it’s a way of life that brings you closer to what matters to you. and your team or tribe – or any group of humans you’re part of – that is accomplishing anything.

helping you do that is what matters to me.





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